„Follow the path of the Lords“

(Cultural – tourist route)

Do you want to know why Jurbarkas is a royal city? And maybe see what amazing castles and mansions stretches on the right bank of the Nemunas?

Follow the path of the rulers, become true dukes, and conquer castles and mansions.

By the way, nobody has done it yet, but maybe you will be lucky…


  1. Mountain of Palemonas (Seredžius);
  2. Veliuona;
  3. Raudonė Castle;
  4. Lunch at Panemunė Castle or the place of your choice will be prepared by the „Smalininkų Gaspadinė“;
  5. Panemunė Castle;
  6. Jurbarkas Manor Park;
  7. Can be accommodation;

Total length of the route – 45 km.

For more information, please email: turizmas@jurbarkas.lt


„How are the Nemunas and honey related?“

(Cultural, educational program „Medaus Slėnis“)

We offer to experience and see life near the Nemunas. Get acquainted with old fishing, feel the trip to the Nemunas.

After work, you can head to the „Medaus Slėnis“, where you’ll taste different types of honey, learn how to smell, and distinguish honey types by color and taste.

And yet, what is the connection between the Nemunas and honey?


  1. Exhibition „Nemunas – Life Near It” in Panemunė Regional Park, Šilinė;
  2. Honey tasting in „Medaus Slėnis“;
  3. Accommodation at the „Medaus slėnis“ campsite (Šilinė).

For more information, please email: turizmas@jurbarkas.lt


„National heritage preservers – Jurbarkas district museums.“

(Cultural – tourist route)

Jurbarkas wealth – historical background, cultural heritage, human creative legacy – guarded museums in our country. Different expositions of the museum reveal the uniqueness of the Jurbarkas region. A distinctive feature of museums is that they are all housed in architectural and historical heritage sites of the 19th century, in manor buildings, homesteads. A unique environment extends boundaries and creates another original, open-air exposure.


  1. Stonis Museum of Antique Techniques in Smalininkai;
  2. Jurbarkas Regional Museum;
  3. Memorial Museum of Vincas Grybas;
  4. Panemuniai Regional Park Visitor Center exposition „Nemunas – life near it“;
  5. Veliuona Regional Museum;
  6. Cvirka Memorial Museum – ethnographic homestead.

For more information, please email: turizmas@jurbarkas.lt


„Jurbarkas natural routes“

(The natural route)

The Nemunas road is rich in nature’s perfectly created landscape. The landscape is adorned by hilly river bends, green forests and woods, which occupy one-third of the territory of the district, oak groves cherished and worshiped in ancient Lithuania, magnificent Renaissance castles and decorative parks surrounding the palace.


  1. Road decoration in Little Lithuania (Smalininkai) – old oaks;
  2. Manor park of Jurbarkas;
  3. Vytautas Magnus Park in Jurbarkas;
  4. Panemunė Castle Park;
  5. Lunch at Panemunė Castle restaurant or the place of your choice – „Smalininkų Gaspadinė“ will offer you its menu;
  6. Raudonė Castle Park;
  7. Veliuona Manor Park.

The total length of the route – 47,5 km.

For more information, please email: turizmas@jurbarkas.lt


„Cultural, economic and culinary heritage of Lithuanian Jews in Jurbarkas district towns.“

The route passes through former shtetls (towns where Jewish communities lived). We will look for former synagogues. You will hear about people who have lived here for centuries, who were born in Lithuania, loved, built their own homes, business. You will find out what Jews did, how they lived with Lithuanians. You will learn about Jewish customs and traditions. You will hear about the fate of the Jews of the Klaipėda region. There will be an opportunity to taste Jewish cuisine. The excursion can be started from Smalininkai, Jurbarkas or Seredžius.


  1. Seredžius – birthplace of Al Jolson;
  2. Veliuona – Town Square. Synagogue;
  3. Panemunė Castle – you can order lunch;
  4. Šilinė – Former inn;
  5. Jurbarkas – Old Town. Synagogue Square;
  6. Smalininkai – Port. Railway Station.

Duration of tour: 6 – 7 hours. The length of the route is 60 km.

Guide Nijolė Paulikienė, phone: 8 698 40785.

For more information, please email: turizmas@jurbarkas.lt or call: 8 447 51485.


„Quiet Synagogue Square“

(Route around the city of Jurbarkas)

During the tour, we will take a look at the houses where the Jews lived for centuries. We will go down to the cellars where the goods were transported by ships from different countries. We will see the location of the former customs office. You will hear about Kaunas Street residents – their crafts, customs, traditions, culinary heritage in the Synagogue Square. You will hear what the old inhabitants of this street have told.


  1. Muitinės street – Bridge over Mituva;
  2. Nemuno street – Former port. Goat Island;
  3. Kauno street – Residential houses;
  4. Synagogue square;

    Cellars – Kauno and Vytauto D. street.

Tour duration: 2 hours. Group – up to 15 people.

Guide Nijolė Paulikienė, phone: 8 698 40785.

For more information, please email: turizmas@jurbarkas.lt or call: 8 447 51485.


„Cultural, economic influence of German, Italian, Hungarian, Russian, Jewish, Polish and other nations in Lithuanian Panemunė towns.“

While visiting the towns of Jurbarkas district near the Nemunas, you will not only hear but also see the difference in architecture of residential houses and cult buildings. You will find out why the customs, behavior, language, clothing of the locals have changed. How much influence did Nemunas have on this. You will see manor parks, gardens. The trip will take place on the beautiful, picturesque banks of the Nemunas. You will be able to taste the Hungarian goulash or roast the gobies on the wicker. You’ll find out which herring was sweeter and learn how to make horseradish sauce.


  1. Seredžius;
  2. Veliuona – Manor, Town Square;
  3. Raudonė Castle, park;
  4. Panemunė Castle, park, former monastery;
  5. Šilinė – Former inn;
  6. Jurbarkas – Synagogue Square, manor, park;
  7. Smalininkai – Harbor, water measuring station, museum of antique equipment;

You can dine at Panemunė Castle restaurant, in Jurbarkas or at the bonfire. Agreement must be made in advance.

The length of the route is 60 km. The duration of the tour is 7-8 hours.

Guide Nijolė Paulikienė, phone: 8 698 40785.

For more information, please email: turizmas@jurbarkas.lt or call: 8 447 51485.



Over the centuries, the Nemunas saw not only merchant ships, entertaining, and resting residents, but it was also a place of fights. Everyone knows the defensive system of castles to fight the Crusaders.

Described battles during various wars.

For more than 500 years, the border between Germany and Lithuania went near Smalininkai by the Šventoji stream.

And now by the Nemunas, the border runs between the states – Lithuania and Russia. Arriving in Smalininkai, which is in the Jurbarkas district, on the other side of the river you can see the Kaliningrad region.

During the Soviet period, maneuvers were very common near the Nemunas. Military machinery moved across the Nemunas via pontoon bridges. Tanks rode in the fields, helicopters flew. In 1971, an international military training ground was established near Jurbarkas, Kiduliai. The exercise was attended by soldiers from several countries – Russians, Poles, Germans, Hungarians, Czechoslovakians, Romanians, etc.

During the tour, we will visit the places where the exercises took place, look at the remaining military equipment, taste military porridge, take photos with Soviet cameras, look at communication devices.

The tour will take place in Jurbarkas, Kiduliai, Smalininkai.

During the tour in Palankinė village, in Šakiai district, you will be able to climb a mound, which was poured 40 years ago, covered with asphalt, so that high-ranking soldiers could observe the battlefield. A witness to those events will tell about the imitation of nuclear war, the peculiarities of fishing with amphibians.

There will be an opportunity to take photos with old Soviet cameras and highlight the photos.

Lunch – military porridge cooked in a bonfire.

In the Smalininkai Museum of Ancient Technology, you will see various military communication devices – transmitters, cameras, etc., we will get acquainted with the ways of their operation.

The tour is for groups. Distance from Jurbarkas to Palankinė village – 4 km, from Jurbarkas to Smalininkai – 12 km.

The route was prepared by guide Nijolė Paulikienė

Phone: 370 698 40785, e-mail: niolepaul@gmail.com