Educational programs for families/mixed groups

Name Route/location Short description Contacts
Smalininkai – the eternal border Smalininkai “Smalininkai – the eternal border” – full of serious and fun surprises 2-hour journey, time machine into the past. You will get acquainted with the life and history of the border town of Lithuania Minor or East Prussia. When you come here, you don’t know what you will meet, what you will see, who will stop and you may even get locked up… Arvydas Griškus

Phone: +370 607 95 971


Honey tasting Šilinė, Jurbarkas district Educational programs are organized for groups of students and adults of different ages. During them, surrounded by nature, the beekeeper talks in detail about beekeeping, bee life, and bee products. During education, different types of honey are told, it is suggested to taste different types of honey and feel the differences in taste, smell, and color. Another bee product – bee bread, is also being tasted. You will be told about the health benefits of bee pitch. Guests of the tasting are treated to hot herbal tea and honey cake – gingerbread.
Duration of education: 1.5-2 hours.The date and time of the tasting must be agreed in advance.
„Medaus slėnis“

Phone: +370 640 32 128


Invisible forest differences Šilinė, Jurbarkas district Education takes place in the forest. It shows how different forest types can be. The variety of trees and rare, flowering and edible small plants are introduced. During the session, tasks are given and games are played.
For children and adults.
Duration: 1 – 1.5 hours.
Panemuniai Regional Park Visitor Center Phone: +370 447 41 723
“Flowering forest plants” Šilinė, Jurbarkas district   Panemuniai Regional Park Visitor Center
Phone: +370 447 41 723
“Old Nemunas crafts” Šilinė, Jurbarkas district Visitors are introduced to the old crafts of the Nemunas with the help of the exposition: weaving and sailing, fishing and making fishing gear, boating and working onboard, lifting across the Nemunas, maintenance of the river-waterway. Visitors can see and touch authentic old artisan tools. Videos about the construction of a wooden Nemunas boat with traditional shipbuilding tools and the production of a floating net are shown. At the end of the tour, participants will be able to participate in the production of individual parts of the floating net. Twist ropes for net drives using a winding device, with a special device pour lead net weights and with a device for making floats cut out the floats for the net.
For children and adults.
Duration: about 1.5 hours.
Panemuniai Regional Park Visitor Center
Phone: +370 447 41 723
“Discover the peculiarities of life by the Nemunas” Šilinė, Jurbarkas district   Panemuniai Regional Park Visitor Center
Phone: +370 447 41 723E-mail:


“Castle treasure hunt” Panemunė castle, Jurbarkas district Immerse yourself in an intriguing treasure hunt! It’s fun entertainment for both kids and adults. Hints will help you find the way, but you will also need knowledge and ingenuity of the castle’s history. Panemunė castle
Phone: +370 447 41 729,
+370 618 58


“Medieval welcoming near Panemunė castle” Panemunė castle, Raudonė The castle guards will unexpectedly block the way for tourists. Those who wish to enter the castle courtyard will have to perform various tasks of the castle manager: horseback riding, archery, and test medieval weapons. Arūnas Rukšnaitis stud

Panemunė castle, Skirsnemunė
Phone: +370 681 46 665


“The Prophecy of the Veliuona Priest to the Duke of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania Gediminas” Raudonė, Veliuona Find out how Prince Gediminas made an important strategic decision that determined the further fate of the Lithuanian state. Lithuanian baptism. Phone: +370 616 03 109,
+370 682 90 625


“Discover the Manor Park”



Jurbarkas Manor Park Cognitive leisure game, which goals are to develop orientation, learn or test one’s knowledge about the Jurbarkas region, and strengthen the spirit of collectivity. Jurbarkas Tourism and Business Information Center
Phone: +370 685 10 177
“Creation of glass jewelry” Jurbarkas Earrings, pendants, brooches, necklaces… Or maybe you will come up with something else? The materials are already included in the price of the session, so you just need to bring an idea! You will create jewelry from a special glass for jewelers in 3-4 hours, and wear it the next day! Jurbarkas Regional Museum Branch V. Grybas Memorial Museum

Phone: +370 447 54 786





Jurbarkas Make a plate, vase or bell with your own hands! Pottery classes take place in several stages, so you should plan to visit two or three times – on the first and second day for molding, and on the third day (after a week or later) – for decorating with glazes. Jurbarkas Regional Museum Branch V. Grybas Memorial Museum

Phone: +370 447 54 786


Painting on silk



Jurbarkas A scarf, napkin, or maybe a decorative painting for home or a gift? Meditate with a brush painting on silk, a French cold decorating technique – a real art therapy after a hard day’s work. Jurbarkas Regional Museum Branch V. Grybas Memorial Museum

Phone: +370 447 54 786


 “Tiffany” sun catchers



Jurbarkas If you want to make stained glass in one day, these courses are for you! During a one-day session with the “Tiffany” technique, you will create a stained glass window according to exemplary patterns (butterflies, fish, dragonflies, angels, birds, etc.). Jurbarkas Regional Museum Branch V. Grybas Memorial Museum

Phone: +370 447 54 786

Stained glass for enthusiasts



Jurbarkas During these courses, you will have the opportunity to create your own original stained glass with the help of a professional artist. You will create stained glass using special stained glass, glazes, iron oxide, and the glass will be baked several times in ovens. Jurbarkas Regional Museum Branch V. Grybas Memorial Museum
Tel.: +370 447 54 786
Academic drawing/painting Jurbarkas Drawing is the elementary school of all arts. For introduction, we recommend attending courses for at least 1 month. If you want to learn more, then attend for a year or two. For best results, draw twice a week for 3 hours. Jurbarkas Regional Museum Branch V. Grybas Memorial Museum
Phone: +370 447 54 786
Underground Lithuanian “presidency”


Jurbarkas district Šimkaičiai forest The participants of the hike, accompanied by a guide, visit the former partisan bunkers in Jurbarkas district, Šimkaičiai forest. You will listen to a story about the legendary trip of the partisan commanders of Southern Lithuania Adolfas Ramanauskas-Vanagas and Aleksandras Grybinas-Faustas to 1949, February 16th, which lasted for several months. The place of signing the Declaration of the Lithuanian Freedom Fighting Movement. The participants of the hike will also visit the place where the hidden authentic partisans documents were found. Participants will get acquainted with the opened bunker of the fourth President of Lithuania Jonas Žemaitis-Vytautas. At the end of the tour, the participants perform creative tasks at the “Giliukas” resort.
For groups of children and adults.
Happens all year round.
It is recommended to have replacement shoes and more socks.
Vytenis Genys

Phone: +370 685 28 357,


Secrets of Kosher Food




Jurbarkas Have you ever tasted traditional kosher food? And with cranberry jam? Did you know that in pre-war Jurbarkas, Jewish children ate sweet imberlachus? And what was on the table every Sabbath? During the education, you will hear about the peculiarities of kosher food. We will share recipes for Jewish dishes from the Jurbarkas region. We will learn to cook this food together.

Duration of education – 1 hour. 30 min.
Group of participants – 20 – 50 people.
The age of the participants is unlimited.
The price of education and tasting will depend on the chosen dish.


Nijolė Paulikienė

Phone: +370 698 40 785


Fish cooking on embers



Šilinė It is an education with a national heritage certificate. Cooking fish on embers after putting them on osier sticks is a business card of the Jurbarkas region. During the education, you will get acquainted with how to prepare these fish for cooking, how it is cooked, observe the cooking process, and get to know its wonderful fried taste. If you have not tasted this fish from Jurbarkas, it means that you still do not know the Jurbarkas region well. Ričardas Vainikonis

Phone: +370 690 35 351



Nemunas alpacas



Skirsnemunė The Nemunas alpaca farm, operating in Skirsnemunė, Jurbarkas district, invites you to visit the alpacas, learn about their cultivation and wool, see how wool is combed and spun in an ancient circle, and if you want, you will be able to buy alpaca wool yarns, knits or blankets. Get to know these wonderful animals and their wool products up close. Mindaugas Pranckūnas

The visit must be arranged in advance:
Phone: +370 653 44 477


Siesta under the Raudonė trees


Raudonė The extraordinary love of the Portuguese Jose de Faria e Castro for Sophia Waxel has united Madeira and Raudonė for centuries. Their love is still protected by park alleys, ponds, and legends…

You will learn and experience even more by participating in the educational program “Siesta under the Raudonė trees”:

· you will find out why siesta;

· you will hear the history of the castle history;

· you will taste the special manor cake baked by “Gaspadinės” Juzefa;

· you will refresh yourself with Jose and Sofia’s love tea;

You will hear extraordinary legends and events about ghosts and more…

Program duration 1 – 1.30 hours. Group of 10 – 50 people.


Elytė Elzbergienė

Phone: +370 611 45 013



Beekeeping school in the museum



Smalininkai Beekeeping school, which is named “Bee, fly to me” acts as a multifunctional training center. Beekeepers in groups are trained here.
Since 2019, beekeepers have been trained in these groups:– 4-month training course for young beekeepers. (from 2020 adults also)
In May-August, classes will take place once a week for 2-3 hours.

– Activities of a group of young beekeepers. Viewing activities with elements of practical knowledge of beekeeping in the summer period (June-August).

Held once a week for 1-2 hours.

– Educational sessions for museum visitors. For children and adults by prior arrangement. Duration of the session 1-2 hours.
Visitors choose the proposed topic of the activity in advance.

– Introducing museum visitors to the exhibits in the beekeeping pavilion (all year round).

– Attendance at schools with educational lectures on beekeeping (in winter).

The training will take place at a convenient time. During them, listeners will be provided with clothing, visual teaching, and protection equipment. Classes are held free of charge. They will be led by the museum and invited beekeepers.


Registration for school, club, educational classes, etc. by phone: +370 650 35 586 or E-mail:
The museum, if possible, will participate with all students at the school in organized regional and republican beekeeping festivals, trips to apiaries or other events.
“Alpaca colors”



Motiškiai Another alpaca farm is located near Seredžius, in the village of Motiškiai. On this farm, their amazing wool is turned into yarn, handmade knits, felts, and the warmest blankets. It is the only animal in the world whose fur can be so many different colors, which is why the farm is called “Alpaca Colors”.

By prior arrangement, come to the farm to get acquainted and take a walk among the alpacas. You will hear and see how their wonderful wool is recycled, and what’s more, you will be able to buy the softest and unique wool products.

Phone: +370 611 21 989

“Gaspadinės” of Smalininkai



Smalininkai It is a community for fostering the national culinary heritage of Smalininkai. This community organizes culinary heritage presentations, traditional Lithuanian dishes are produced. Tree cake baking and pancake cooking educations are also organized. The Gaspadinės are mobile, so you can enjoy your meal at a location of your choice.


We come to celebrations, meetings, events…
Phone: +370 656 29 946 
Viešvilė: from civilization to wildlife



Viešvilė reserve The town of Viešvilė, embed between the large Karšuva forest and the Nemunas, is at the same time a long-inhabited and at the same time secluded place with the nearby natural resources. The Viešvilė stream flowing from the swamps of the forest preserved its wild beauty, therefore it was not for nothing that it entered the nature reserve. In Viešvilė and its surroundings, one can see how humans repay the damage done to nature today.

We invite you to see one of the first and one of the most beautiful fish passages in Lithuania through the dam. You will see how rapidly nature changes from the cultured environment of the town to the forest almost untouched by human activity. In just a few minutes you can move from the beech forests typical of Western Europe to the taiga-type coniferous forest, which is home to rare plants and animals. You will get to know the more interesting inhabitants of the forest, meadows, and water. During the trip, freshwater from the forest springs awaits you, maybe tea or even traditional sup of fish from the Viešvilė region.

Asta Ūselienė
Phone: +370 620 46 841
or Irena Petrošienė
Phone: +370 680 52 660
Campsite of Vertimai



At the Vertimai camp, we offer not only active rest but also entertainment from the smallest to the largest outdoors (on the ground, in the water, “in the air”) or indoors, with us or in a place of your choice
For various groups (schools, friends, companies) we can offer according to interests:- Overnight in the summerhouse

– Hiking with obstacles

– Rafting

– Fun team relays

– Virtual reality games

– Mobile shooting range

– Individual challenges (e.g. climb an 8 m climbing wall, box climbing)

– Education: cooking on campfire, woodwork (production of games, etc.)


Phone: +370 611 47 028
www.vertimustovyklaviete.ltFacebook: Vertimų pramogos,  Vertimų stovyklavietė


Quail egg baking education




Rural tourism homestead “Jurodis” Jurbarkas district, Naujasodis Eggs are fried in a special pan and eaten with spices. During the meal, there is talk about culinary heritage dishes, about food culture. The food is made from local products in keeping with ancient traditions.
The program applies to groups of 10 people, the program lasts 1 hour.
Tasting booked in advance.
Kristina Vančienė

Phone: +370 650 91 000



Education of rye flour biscuits



Rural tourism homestead “Jurodis” Jurbarkas district, Naujasodis




Education of rye biscuit production. The participants knead the dough themselves, make cookies and bake. Duration 2 hours. Tasting rye flour biscuits with deep coffee or cranberry kissel. During the meal, there is talk about culinary heritage dishes, about food culture. The food is made from local products in keeping with ancient traditions.
The program applies to groups of 10 people, the program lasts 1 hour.
You have to book your tasting option in advance according to your wishes.
Kristina Vančienė

Phone: +370 650 91 000



A glimpse into the manor kitchen Raudonė A 1-hour story about the history of Raudonė Castle, the life of the courtiers, their most beautiful love stories, the secrets of the manor’s kitchen and the dishes prepared in it;

Tasting of “Sofijos virtinukai” (Sofija’s dumplings), made by the hostesses of the community, with a certificate of culinary heritage. You can choose between meat and cottage cheese filled dumplings or both. The dumplings are served with a special sauce and, for those who prefer, with sour cream;

“Castle Park Herbal Tea” (hot or cold), accompanied by cakes or pastries baked by the hosts of the community.

Oak acorn coffee is available if requested.


Tel.: +370 600 67 922

Dried delicacies education Jurbarkas The education is the first stage: upon arrival, a video presentation will be shown to show the visitor how the cooking process works,

Second stage: the visitor has the opportunity to make his own dessert from a dried banana, with the spread made.

Pre-registration is required by arranging the time and date.

The education is available in: Lithuanian, English and Russian


Tel.: +370 605 67 147

Education “A big world in a small watercolour spot. Miniature Master Lidija Meškaitytė and Lithuania Minor” Smalininkai An hour of education with music, listening to a story about Lithuania Minor, delving into the power of a small dot with a small brush, trying it out for yourself, and, of course, the opportunity to catch your muse sitting on the magical artist’s chair. Excursions for groups of 4 to 20 people. Tel.: +370 607 95 971

„Sūrio džiazas“ education Girdžiai “Sūrio džiazas” organizes tastings for up to 40 people. There are various tasting options: cheese-only tasting, cheese and milk dessert tasting, tasting with an educational programme.  

Tel.: +370 605 76 995

“Wind instruments: secrets, sounds, curiosities!” Veliuona Introduction to wind instruments: toothed horns, wooden flutes, “sėkminiai”, “rageliai”, “ožragiai”, the baroque flute, the Indian flute and other flutes. The classes will teach you how to play these instruments and the secrets of making and preserving them.  

Tel.: +370 686 53 233

Interwar photography Veliuona The programme is based on the image of the studio recreated in the photographs of the inter-war photographer Antanas Mickus. The participants are introduced to the images of interwar Veliuona, captured in the photographs of A. Mickus, immortalised in an old photographic studio, and gifted a selected postcard of the studio stamped with the photographer’s stamp.  

Tel.: +370 601 02 0787

Teacher’s lesson – cyanotype Veliuona Form of education – lesson, subject – fine arts, theme – cyanotype. It is an intriguing, fun and engaging photographic process. Other names used are: blueprint – so called because of the Berlin blue pigment it produces, sunprint – because the exposure takes place in sunlight, under UV rays. Tel.: +370 655 17 338
Soap making education Veliuona The soap-making education takes about two hours. We make soap with lye and oils, the participants are introduced to the history of soap making and the tools and materials needed to make soap. During the education, we dissolve lye and mix it with oils and butters and pour it into a mould. Tel.: +370 655 17 338
Ointments and lip balms education Veliuona The education on ointments and lip balms takes about an hour. Participants are shown how easy it is to make natural cosmetics with their own hands. Tel.: +370 618 42 843
Wolves of Karšuva Eičiai Tel. +370 446 41 445,
faks. +370 446 41 514
El. p.:
Kurtinys – the symbol of Sengirė Eičiai Tel. +370 446 41 445,
faks. +370 446 41 514
El. p.:
Excursion “Nemunas – Lithuanian Defence Line” Jurbarko kraštas Panemuniai Regional Park Visitor Center

Phone: +370 447 41 723


Litvak cultural heritage in Jurbarkas (with kosher food education) Jurbarkas Nijolė Paulikienė

Tel.: +370 698 40 785